Hiring the Hall - FAQs


The entrance doors are 6ft 6ins high with a minimum width of 5 ft. There are also fire doors of the same height and width which provide easier access for large items.

The height to the trusses is 9 ft. The height of the fluorescent lights is also 9 ft.

However alternate bays have no lights and have approximately an additional 4 ft of height. The bays have 8 ft spacing, and are 2.43m high rising to 3.3m in the middle of the building. There is a space of 3.5m between trusses.

The floor area of main Hall is 15m x 6m, approximately 1,372 sq feet. 

A castle 2.42 m high, up to 4m wide and approximately 3.5 m deep can fit in one of the bays without lights. The roof goes up to 3.3m high in the middle of the building. Alternatively, a lower castle that would fit under the struts could be accommodated. Our caretaker is there on Friday afternoons if you'd like to arrange a time to come in and measure up.


Cleaning materials

Cleaning materials are stored in the cupboards under the sink in the kitchen. Please leave the hall as you would wish to find it. Brooms and dustpan and brush are stored in the cupboard in the hallway. Keys for the broom cupboard and the shed are stored in the small cupboard under the counter behind the bin in the kitchen. A large floor sweeper is kept in the open cupboard through the left hand door at rear of door inside main hall.


Hall Equipment

The kitchen is equipped with a gas fired range cooker with two large ovens, 8 gas rings, baking trays and sheets, a warming drawer etc; a fridge, a microwave oven, urn, kettle, pans, trays, jugs, and a selection of crockery and glassware. First aid kit is stored on top of the wall cupboards. 

The hall has a piano, and 5 children’s tables, each capable of seating 10, stored through the door on the left hand side at the back of the hall. 30 children’s chairs are stored out in the shed, along with 12 full size tables and 80 chairs. There are 10 full size folding chairs at the back of the hall but these are not suitable for children.


Parking and Disabled Access

We have limited parking outside the hall itself which can be used for unloading etc. Most people park on Dene Lane outside St Martin's Church and walk up the footpath to the hall. We have level wheelchair access with a disabled toilet, and it is possible to drive right up to the front door, or the fire doors at the side. Both sets of doors are 6ft 6ins high and 5 ft minimum width.



The sale of alcohol is permitted once the hirer has obtained a licence from Waverley Borough Council. The licence (Temporary Events Licence ) is available from the Waverley website. The hirer must provide a copy of the licence to the Booking Secretary.  Alcohol provided free of charge by the hirer is exempt from licence regulations. Link here: https://www.waverley.gov.uk/directory_record/3415/temporary_event_notice 


Capacity and Timings (as per booking conditions)

  1. The maximum number of people allowed is 100, or 80 if seated.
  2. The Hall must be vacated by persons attending any function (including the organisers) not later than 11.30 p.m. Users of the Hall are asked to bear in mind they are in a residential area. Live music and the provision of alcohol are not permitted after 11.00 p.m.